Our CEO Rodolphe Saadé has made sustainable development one of the main axes of CMA CGM’s strategy. A priority that addresses the Group’s mission : contributing to sustainable globalization.


The CMA CGM Group has built its success on strong people-friendly values. The promotion of equality, diversity and a culture of safety guides our initiatives with our staff members and with all our stakeholders.

As part of our major commitments, we are raising the ratio of women in management, doubling the number of training days annually, and offering healthcare to all our land-based and seafaring staff members.


In the face of major environmental challenges, the CMA CGM Group is resolutely pursuing its ecological transition. We have made concrete, pioneering decisions to mitigate the impact of our business activities on the climate, air quality and biodiversity.


The CMA CGM Group is committed to promoting responsible international trade through strict compliance with existing laws and regulations and by encouraging its suppliers and customers to follow its lead and to adopt best practices.

Sustainability: a win win approach with our customers

On behalf of our 70,000 customers, we are permanently innovating and designing transport and logistics solutions for a better future.

We are taking concrete steps on our journey towards energy transition, using the best technical solutions available today while proactively preparing for the future. We are measuring our customers' emissions and designing new solutions to decarbonize transport and logistics, including intermodal solutions or alternative fuels.

Following successful trials, we are currently developing second-generation biofuels with customers including some of the world's leading brands.

We are investing in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), the best technology available today in terms of air quality and the most promising in terms of limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

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